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Every Wednesday – Sunday10.00–17.00

The city belongs to everyone. And everyone should have a voice in the conversation about its future. We have created the Urban Rooms to help make that possible.

The Urban Rooms are a place where you can reflect on the city past and present, and make your voice heard in shaping how it might change in the future.

We have organised the Urban Rooms around three themes – Plan, Build and Participate. In each of the rooms you will find a range of displays, objects, activities, and a schedule of events exploring how architecture and planning have shaped the Tyneside of today and the roles they can play in reimagining it for tomorrow.

The Urban Rooms have something for all ages with free making materials, soft play, Lego – and much more!

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Photo credit: Jim Stephenson

Every Wednesday – Sunday



The Sir Terry Farrell Building
Eldon Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 7RD United Kingdom


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Cities are constantly changing as new buildings rise, others are knocked down, businesses open and close, and people come and go. Planning is the means by which these changes – and the forces driving them – can be managed, mitigated, and envisioned. In the first Urban Room we explore how the city has and will continue to change via a display of maps of Tyneside from the 16th century to the present and a programme of temporary displays profiling live projects to reimagine the city.


This room uses our own building as a case study for an exploration of the architectural process, from drawing board to the materials used in its construction. In the centre of the room is an in installation called the ‘Planning Forest’ where we bring together a range 
of plans for Tyneside – from the historic to the contemporary – to illustrate the potential of planning to act as a proposition for (urban) change. Visitors are encouraged to create their own constructions using soft play, magna-blocks and Lego of draw their own plan for Tyneside to add the collaborative wall.


The third Urban Room room is all about participation – where we can all contribute to the discussion about how to make the city better. What’s important to you? What works and what doesn’t? What do you love about the city? What don’t you like about it? What are you proudest about and what do you wish you could change?

Join us for weekend design challenges, artist-led workshops, and specially organised talks.